It’s finally here! The one and only, world’s sexiest, Mermaid Lashes. Our lashes are all designed by hand and made of synthetic and natural fibers and completely cruelty free. Mermaid Lashes are today’s highest quality lashes on the market, made of only the finest quality material. Each set is hand crafted to ensure you get the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Mermaid Lashes are a lightweight, natural yet flattering enhancement. Perfect for everyday wear, even for beginners or beauty gurus. Mermaid Lashes will give you that enviable look that everybody craves.

Ariel Lashes- Our #1 best seller. These specific Mermaid Lashes are the most comfortable for everyday use. Flattering to your eyes using a variety of lengths and volume, as well as double stacked to create a sexy, feathery look.

Adrina Lashes- Perfect for any event. These Mermaid Lashes will grab a hold of attention. Lightweight and medium volume gives a subtle drama.

Alana Lashes- These Mermaid Lashes are great for anyone. They create a soft and flirty, natural look. Lightweight and comfortable to wear day or night. All Mermaid Lashes have a life span of 10-12 uses depending on care.